Thank you for supporting us

It really means a lot to us. As 4 young guys who have always wanted to do good, thanks to you; we have means of doing good in the world. So thank you for helping us do good : )


It’s only the beginning

Thank you so much for supporting our first ever product. We have reinvested the money into doing more great things. So no money was drawn out for salaries - we are doing this because we love what we do and we want to show the world there is a better way to use “waste”.


Highlighting natural imperfections

Since the whole process of cleaning the plastics to making the speakers is all handmade. We cannot control the outcome like with virgin plastic products that are mass produced. Thus, we have welcomed the weird and wonderful imperfections that has beautifully occurred when hand making these products. Hope you love them as much as we do.


We believe waste can be beautiful and have value

We started gomi because we were pissed off about the “non-recyclable” packaging we are forced to buy items in. And we wanted to show the world that even though this material is worthless for recycling, it does not have to be incinerated. We are now exploring ways to use PP, Styrofoam and PVC safely into new products and help businesses with these type of waste to divert it from being incinerated or landfilled.

Gomi green and black speaker 1.jpg

You have changed the world

Each speaker has an equivilant of around 100 plastic bags of flexi-plastics that would have otherwise been incinerated in the UK. So thank you, thank you making the air cleaner, thank you for saving materials and thank you for changing the world for the better!