Font: Montserrat

Our idea is to tell a story. Our style is going to be clean and minimal. 

Here are some style of videos we like although it is not all Crowdfunding.

The Genius Behind
What we like about it:
Emaculate story telling. 
Beautiful human + nature shots
We might have one animation like at 01:28. We will give you the design file, so it will be super simple to make. 

Can City
The form and the layout of the video is perfect. Just what we are looking to do with our Kickstarter video.

The story telling of collecting trash and making something beautiful out of it. 

Unlock your creative potential
Such sexy over the head shots. Perfect to illustrate our idea.

-And showing how the components click in.

-To show how some parts of the speaker is made.

Squarespace John Malkovich
What we like about it:
The film like feeling. So we would like to have the black bars. Or white bars like this.
The narrative over the video.
Crispness of the audio and the video.

Sea Chair - Made by ocean plastics
The close up shots of the collection and process.

The use of nature shots(the ocean shots). Poor fish though.

The way they use text.