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Technology Made from Plastic Trash

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Portable Speaker
Made from Trash

We mine plastic waste that is not recycled by councils and make beautiful tech out of it.

Our first product is a revolutionary bluetooth speaker made from plastic trash that would otherwise end up in landfill or the oceans. 

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We believe that it's a crime to sell tech that goes obsolete.

That's why - our products have been designed to fit into circular systems, where waste material can always be reused. We are looking into schemes where our products can be returned, or even repaired by the users. 


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Without These Humans This Project Wouldn't Come To Life

We are a handful of people who believe that ‘less is more’ and that we can turn the economy into a circular system where nothing is viewed as trash and where every material maintains value. 

Just like in nature where the idea of trash is non-existent, we too want to create this ideology within our man-made environment.